Motion Capture & VR

I was doing some research for my ETC semester project which involves a motion capture when i came across the two projects I am going to discus.

Map Visibility Estimation For Marge-Scale Dynamic 3D Reconstruction:

This project is tracking movement and then generating the movement path of the objects dynamically. Markers are attached to the objects that what to be tracked so the motion capture cameras can see them and human joints are tracked automatically similar to how the Microsoft Kinect does it. It is a research project here at CMU with its main focus on creating more accurate motion detection by optimal camera detection. In other words, selecting the right cameras for each point (in a very small nutshell).  It was done byHanbyul Joo, Hyun Soo Park, and Yaser Sheikh. I founded this project very inspiring because all the raw data of movement creates beautiful color patterns and shapes and because it solved almost all the issues the Kinect has to encounter when tracking humans. I feel that a very cool installation could be created with this type of technology because the entire human body is being tracked in a 3D cube/space. this would allow for a completely immersive tracking experience!

After finding this project, i decided to try to see what else similar to this is out there and I found this:

NuFormer – Virtual Reality-Video Projection:

This project is trying to combine virtual reality with motion capture to fully engage the user in the experience. apart from this, it generates a projection of the user in the virtual space to show to the audience what he/she is seeing and experiencing. This type of experiences are being explored to look for more possibilities of how far we can push VR and full our brain. This one was made by NuFormer. I really liked the concept of combining virtual reality with motion capture, this is probably what we are going to end up doing in my ETC project, but I feel this project was just a proof of concept. I didn’t find the experience that engaging, yes the art is nice, but with so that power, something more creative would have been better. Something that would really make the user be in the edge!