The Beginning of a New Game

After playing the amazing and fun game Joust  , I realize that my next game had to be similar to this great game. When I say similar I don’t mean copy Joust; but in braise the good things of it to make something better.

I got together with some friends from school and we decided to jump in the quest of making a game inspired by Joust. As a developer my first thought was how are we going to connect more than 4 PS Moves to the PlayStation? For the game we have in mind we need minimum 6!!!!!


After some research I found this incredible Open Source Project that you have to check out: UNIMOVE. It is a Unity plugging that sets C# bindings that allow you to connect up to 7 PS Moves to your computer. It works on Mac, Linux and Windows too.

Check it out at:

Joust  Game: