Watch Me Grow – PAEYC’s Hackathon

PAEYC’s Hackathon


What an experience! Starting by mixing with teachers and programmers to make teachers dream apps come true in 48 hours was amazing! I knew there were many unsolved problems in the educational environment that would make a teacher’s day more pleasant; but after listening to all this teachers pitch their ideas I realized the problem was bigger than what I thought. They struggle with day to day activities that only a teacher would understand. Many problems I didn’t know could be problems are impacting kids’ education every da

y. This made me very happy to be part of this hackathon. I knew after the 48 hours I would not only learn a lot and have a lot of fun, but help someone solve some headaches.

During the hackathon, a group of two developers and me were able to make a cross platform app in Unity to help a teacher keep track of its kid’s level of learning. The app was made for 3-5 years old kids that were learning to identify the alphabet, numbers, colors, and emotions.

It had two main features: Teacher side and kid’s side.


  • Add kids to the list and select their level for each of the fields of study
  • See the status of each kid
  • Adjust the kids level in each field of study depending how they are doing


  • Select one of the fields of study and play a learning game
  • Will record the right and wrong answers for the teachers information

The Last Egg

A 3 vs 3, competitive, team based playground game played with PSMoves. Members of 2 teams run around protecting the teammate holding virtual the egg while the other team tries to get it.
The game was a “Jury Selection” in IndieCade’14 and was showcased in Big Game Arena.